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Analysis and optimisation of existing logistics processes

We examine the current logistics processes, identify potential weaknesses or inefficiencies and implement improvements.

EU imports

We develop an import concept for non-EU-based sellers, taking into account customs and tax law aspects. We can draw on a network of experts if required.

Warehouse and inventory management

We can help you optimise your inventory levels to achieve the optimum balance between stock levels and customer demand. This can include the implementation of advanced warehouse management systems and technologies.

Technology integration

Implementation and integration of technologies such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and other logistics software solutions.

E-commerce consulting

If you are a new e-commerce entrant, you will have many business challenges. We can help you develop an efficient strategy and implement optimised processes right from the start. For sustainable business development.

Risk management

We can help you identify potential supply chain risks and develop strategies to minimise them. We can also help you implement IT-enabled processes to reduce errors.

Product compliance

Want to launch a product on the EU market? We can advise you on all the legal requirements, such as CE marking, nutritional labelling, care labelling, consumer information, marketability, etc. and assist you in placing your product on the market.

Customs training

We can train your staff and provide them with knowledge on a range of customs issues, from the basics of customs procedures and customs declarations to the correct determination of customs tariffs and customs values.

Transport management

We can help you make your transport more efficient, whether it's choosing the right means of transport, optimising routes or implementing telematics and tracking systems.

Depending on your requirements, we offer various types of consulting online or in person.

  • Personal consulting in-house or via video conference

  • Team workshops and seminars
  • Online webinars

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