Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Anyone using Fulfilment by Amazon has to meet a number of requirements. CCS-Express coordinates the import of goods, temporary storage, picking, labelling and smooth delivery to the Amazon warehouse.

Transport from the country of origin

We collect the goods in the country of origin and organise transport by sea, air or land to the destination.

EU import

Goods from non-EU countries must be cleared through customs on import. Most marketplaces only accept DDP deliveries. This means that the seller is responsible for all costs and risks associated with getting the goods to their destination, including import duties and fees in the destination country. As a customs agent (indirect representative), we will take care of the customs clearance of your shipment in accordance with the DDP Incoterms.

Customs clearance as an indirect representative

Fast, secure and transparent: we are one of the few logistics providers to act as an indirect representative (IOR) in Germany, facilitating EU imports for non-EU sellers. With our years of experience, we ensure that your business model is secure.

Delivery to the Amazon warehouse

Amazon places complex requirements on its suppliers, whether direct or through the Marketplace. Deliveries can only be made during specific time slots and with specific registration numbers (ASIN code), delivery must be made in accordance with Amazon's terms of delivery and documentation must be complete. Our expertise ensures a smooth and stress-free delivery to Amazon.

Interim storage

Storage space in the Amazon warehouse is limited. We can temporarily store large quantities of goods and deliver them to the Amazon warehouse on demand via our customer portal. This saves you transport costs and ensures efficiency gains. Our customer portal gives you a real-time overview of your inventory.

Returns management

We accept returned goods from Amazon, register them, and take care of further processing.

Seller's obligations under the Incoterm DDP

  • Delivery and costs:
    The seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the named place of destination.

  • Import duties and taxes:
    The seller is responsible for and bears the cost of import duties, taxes and other charges incurred in the destination country.

  • Transfer of risk:
    The risk of loss or damage to the goods passes from the seller to the buyer when the goods arrive at the named place of destination.

Consulting for Sellers & Suppliers

Want to ship goods to Amazon or sell on an online marketplace?
Products placed on the market in the European Union have to meet many requirements.

  • Product labelling (CE mark, nutritional information, care label, etc.)

  • Product descriptions
  • Mandatory documents
  • Placing on the market/market regulation law
  • Tax registration; VAT ID number
  • Advice on the design of accounting documents
  • Advice on documents required in the event of a customs audit

Let us advise you on relevant issues and help you to avoid pitfalls and problems at an early stage.

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