Customer Portal

  • Organise pre-carraige from the manufacturer to one of our fulfilment warehouses
  • Import/customs clearance
  • Quality-assured warehouses with shelving systems and pallet spaces
  • Recording of incoming goods in our in-house-developed WMS system
  • Barcode-based management of goods and storage locations
  • Real-time stock levels
  • Efficient & automated order-picking

  • Advice on optimal packaging
  • Implementation of individual packaging solutions
  • Inclusion of customer-specific flyers, greeting cards or product samples
  • Own packaging design possible
  • Flexible shipping with proven premium transport partners

  • Standard and express shipping
  • Individual shipping solutions
  • Optimised shipping conditions
  • Transmission of live tracking data to the webshop
  • Comprehensive returns management handling

  • In-house developed returns portal
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Reprocessing/disposal
  • Real-time display of all orders

  • Stock level management
  • Returns management
  • Editing and creating orders
  • Article management
  • User management
  • Shipment overview
  • Management of supplier orders

Scalable fulfillment solutions

CCS-Express offers you a simple, scalable solution for your e-commerce project. Our strength lies in our cost-effectiveness. We plan and manage the entire process of your project from the manufacturer to your end customer and act as a complete one-stop solution without the need for an additional service provider.

Logistics partner


IT-supported logistics processes are our core competence. We provide you with powerful, specially developed software to optimise your fulfillment. Your Wordpress or Shopify online store is seamlessly connected to our logistics solution.

Pick & Ship

  • Powerful software that maps all logistics processes

  • Flexible, self-developed merchandise management system
  • Easily manage repeat orders, shipping releases and returns
  • Paperless, fully digitised picking
  • Pick verification

Store Connection

  • Connection to various online stores and marketplaces via interfaces

  • Quick and easy integration via our own Wordpress plugins/Shopify apps
  • Real-time order data transfer
  • Automatic inventory synchronisation
  • Automated order data transfer and fulfillment processing


  • Shipment tracking and updating of stock in real-time

  • Automatic forwarding of shipment data to the store and end customer


  • Statistics and reports

  • Creation of individual reports with automatic dispatch
  • Available at any time in the Customer Portal

Another major advantage of CCS-Express is that it is completely digital, allowing customers to track the entire process closely from start to finish. With an error rate of less than 1%, they are setting new standards in e-commerce, offering their customers maximum reliability and efficiency.

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