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Since 1988

We have been handling customs clearances for over 30 years. These decades of experience and our extensive expertise allow us to handle imports and exports at all our locations and with all German customs offices in accordance with the applicable Incoterms. From niche products or bulk goods, we offer all customs clearance services. We specialise in the following goods in particular:

  • Electronics and high-tech products

  • Fashion & beauty articles
  • Consumer goods

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One-stop solution

As one of the few providers in Germany, CCS-Express can analyse your requirements and business model in advance and determine the right solution. On this basis, we seamlessly handle the entire process of cross-border EU trade: transport, customs clearance & fiscal representation from a single source. This saves you time and ensures cost transparency right from the start.

DDP Customs Clearance

Customs clearance

Fiscal representation

Customised solutions

DDP stands for Delivered Duty Paid. Where these Incoterms apply, the seller must deliver the goods to the destination in the importing country at his own expense. The shipper is responsible for customs clearance, all formalities and import duties.

  • As a non-EU importer under DDP conditions, you must have an Importer of Record (IOR) in the destination country who meets the necessary criteria

  • Let us advise you in advance on your planned business model with regard to EU imports
  • Get informed about the necessary administrative processes
  • Let us take care of customs clearance for EU imports and all necessary documents and duties
  • In Germany, we are the leading service provider for indirect representation (IOR) for EU imports

We handle the entire customs clearance process for you.

  • Get advice in advance as we inform you about certain export regulations, necessary licenses or special rules

  • Customs declaration
  • Procurement of the necessary documents for EU imports
  • Application for the relevant import permits
  • Efficient customs clearance without delays during export and import
  • Pre-clearance: customs clearance before the shipment arrives on request
  • All the logistics and compliance services you need for smooth EU imports

As a fiscal representative, we fulfil your tax obligations in the target country without you having to have your own physical presence there. Let us take care of VAT handling for you and apply various procedures (OSS/IOSS) in accordance with the applicable regulations. Through our network of cooperation partners, let us provide you with comprehensive advice on tax matters.

Do you have special customs clearance requirements?
We can respond individually with our tailor-made solutions.

  • Automated processes to fulfil tasks even outside business hours

  • Customs clearance for returns or repair shipments
  • Temporary import (TIR Carnet / ATA Carnet)
  • Active/passive processing

Importer of Record (IOR) services

Are you a non-EU based company (including UK companies post-Brexit) and want to sell your goods to customers in the EU at DDP conditions? DDP (Delivered, Duty Paid) is a delivery arrangement where the seller takes full responsibility, risk and cost of getting the goods to their destination in the importing country.

EU customs clearance with indirect representation

According to Incoterms 2020 and the new Union Customs Code (UCC), the consignee cannot act as an Importer of Records (IOR). As clearance can only take place using a customs number (EORI) of a company based in the EU, you need a broker to act as an indirect representative for your company. CCS-Express acts as a registered importer for you and takes care of all customs clearance for EU imports. We also take care of VAT registration for you, including monthly and annual reports, so that you can concentrate fully on your sales.

One-Stop-Shop (OSS)

One-Stop-Shop is a European Union system designed to simplify the VAT obligations for cross-border trade in goods within the EU-27. The OSS allows traders to declare all sales within the EU in just one EU member state and not to pay the VAT in all 27. All distance sales, including the VAT incurred on them, made in the member states of the European Union are included in this central declaration. The resulting VAT liability is also paid centrally to this single point of contact. We can help you use the OSS correctly and make it easier for you to process your EU-wide distance sales for tax purposes.

  • Is your company based in Germany? Then you can use the OSS to either provide services or make intra-Community distance sales of goods in EU member states where your company is not established.
  • For companies based outside the EU, the OSS is also advantageous if businesses have a warehouse in Germany and supply goods to private individuals in other EU member states.

Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS)

The One-Stop-Shop refers to intra-community mail order sales. In contrast, the Import One-Stop-Shop is a regulation for distance sales of goods imported from third countries to private individuals in the EU. Sellers can use the IOSS procedure to submit VAT for distance sales from a third country to the EU centrally. This special regulation applies to the import of goods from a third country with a value of EUR 150 or less. The VAT charged at the point of sale is then deemed to be distance selling.

  • Companies based in Germany can use this procedure without any problems.
  • If your company is not based in the EU, you contractually appoint a representative based in the EU and register him or her accordingly with the Federal Central Tax Office. As your representative, CCS-Express will handle the submission of tax returns and the payment of VAT. Customs clearance? Let us handle it. All we need is a unique identification number from the tax authorities of the country in which your company is based.

We are DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified and an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). This means that we are considered to be particularly reliable and trustworthy and, among other things, we are able to obtain authorisations for customs procedures throughout the EU without having to undergo another extensive audit.

We have the solution for DDP shipments and take care of the smooth EU import of your goods.

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