CCS-Express maintains strategically positioned warehouse locations conveniently located around major logistics hubs. If required, we can establish storage locations near your production facility. This ensures that critical spare parts are delivered promptly and downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum.


Our warehouses comply with the most demanding equipment and safety requirements. Key features include alarm protection, temperature and humidity regulation, ESD protection, comprehensive documentation and transparency. Our Customer Portal allows you to have a real-time overview of stock levels, replenishment deliveries and outgoing shipments with live tracking at all times.


CCS-Express handles the safe and reliable transport of spare parts, with 24/7 service and transparent monitoring for all types of transport. When it comes to time-critical deliveries, we use direct overland transport or express air freight. When every minute counts or for same-day deliveries, we offer on-board courier services (OBC) or charter flights. CCS-Express takes care of all your urgent delivery requirements and concerns.

Customs clearance

Our strength? Solutions from a single source. As a customs agent, we will of course also take care of the customs clearance of your consignment in accordance with the agreed Incoterms. This means you avoid long waiting times when importing spare parts.

Scalable fulfillment solutions

CCS-Express offers you a simple, scalable solution for your e-commerce project. Our strength lies in our cost-effectiveness. We plan and manage the entire process of your project from the manufacturer to your end customer and act as a complete one-stop solution without the need for an additional service provider.

Request a customised offer now.

We deliver complete solutions for spare parts logistics from a single source for maximum availability and efficiency. We would be happy to advise you in a one-on-one meeting.

Our service portfolio

Complete solutions for your logistics

CCS-Express takes care of everything that needs to be in the right place at the right time. Our expertise in warehousing, supply chain management, e-commerce fulfilment, customs clearance and IT-supported logistics processes makes us a full-service provider offering individual and flexible solutions from a single source.