Our Customers

Carving out productivity gains for innovation-savvy companies.

Companies in the high-tech sector face increasingly tough, global competition, complex products and short lifecycles. Now more than ever, our customers need fast, flexible, cost-effective and reliable supply chains. At CCS-Express, we pride ourselves on meeting the logistics challenges currently facing the high-tech sector.

We serve leading companies in the automotive, IT, network, semiconductor and medical industries.


Our customers include Screen SPE, Novanta, MRC, ISSI, Lego, Ineltek, Cisco, Cypress Semiconductor and many more

MRC Components

Since more than 20 years we trust in the services of CCS-Express. At all times we could rely on their flexibility, know how and their reliable service. Besides the shipping services we also fully work on CCS’ ERP system. Also with this every special requirement is fulfilled accordingly.

Manuel Reiter, Manager Logistic



Already since several years we are a happy customer of CCS-Express. They have always been doing a great and reliable job for Novanta. We benefit from their high quality service and their long experience in the logistics industry. They have always been open to implement new solutions, therefor we appreciate their customer-oriented strategy.

Patric Kosche, Manager of Logistics and Export Control

Open Wear

We got in contact with CCS-Express already during our Kickstarter campaign and they have been of great help ever since. It’s great that they can offer the services you’d expect a big paying customer to get, even when you are just a project trying to get your Kickstarter goal. Their expertise really helped us avoid many beginner mistakes and deliver out products very professionally to our customers. From VAT/Tax advice, to handling, packaging and coordinating the return process. All was included and customised to our specific needs. CCS-Express offers the opportunity to start small, but at the same time allows you to scale to a worldwide e-commerce company. So a definite recommendation.

Martijn Jegerings, Founder



CCS-Express has been a great shipping and logistics partner. It was tremndously easy to work with CCS. They are always helpful and have been very flexible with our needs. They helped us setup the paymet system for VAT collection. We have a global customer base and CCS-Express set up shipping out of several locations in Asia to the extent of arranging transport for pickup from our manufacturing facility. Despite being only a shipping partner they helped us with warranty returns in EU and went out of their way with warranty exchanges by dis-assembling the parts and performing firmware updates before the new replacement was shipped to the customer. We are very happy with CCS-Express and wouldn’t work with any other service.

Sohaib Zahid, Co-Founder


Screen SPE

For years CCS-Express has been a number one partner for our time dependent spare parts business. We fully trust in their industry expertise and handle almost all our logistics activities in CCS warehouses all over Europe and Israel.  Their advanced ERP-system makes our workflow easier and more  convenient . By using the online platform (jetparts.de) developed by CCS-Express we can offer our customers a 24/7 service which helps us as well to manage our inventory of about 80.000 parts and keep our deliveries on time.

ISSI Integrated Silicon Solutions Inc.

ISSI has been working with CCS Express for close to 10 years. Our major customers often have very complex logistical requirements and CCS Express has been able to find solutions that work for both ISSI and our customers and deliver faultless results time after time. Whenever we are faced with new challenges the CCS team has been supportive and creative in addressing these and are a valuable business partner.

Glenn Louch, Logistics Manager