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Networking Germany and Europe with the rest of the world.

Our headquarters at Munich airport is at the hub of a vast, global network of branch offices and agents. This enables us to select the best transportation routes connecting Germany and Europe with the rest of the world.



Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Hanover, Münster, Nuremberg



Milan, Florence, Rome, Zagreb, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague, Moscow, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Manchester, Dublin

Rest of the world

Tel Aviv, Boston, New York, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Bangkok, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Peking, Shanghai, Chengdu, Seoul


Thinking ahead.
We can bring your employees up to speed on the latest fiscal and insurance regulations and on the classification requirements for hazardous goods. more…