IT Expertise

Keeping you ahead of the curve.

Efficient logistics processes are built on intelligent IT platforms – no matter how large or small your supply chain challenges are. We recognized this fact from the get go, providing customers with access to database applications before the Internet even existed.


We have continued to build on this wealth of experience and development know-how, maintaining our position as a pioneer in IT-enabled logistics processes.

Every day, our customers benefit from our IT lead. We have the know-how in house to develop high-performance ERP and WMS solutions, program all supporting interfaces and connections, and deliver these applications as feature-rich web portals. This makes us faster and more independent than other providers and enables us to deliver made-to-measure solutions for our customers.


Whatever you need, we can make it happen. We can integrate your system with SAP or Navision, for example, or support Navision, EDI, XML or RosettaNet standards. If you want to control your entire RMA management system via the Internet (including SWAP service), we can do that too.


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CCS-Express is a member of IATA and an authorized air freight agency. We can look after your entire customs clearance process. more…